What is a Credit Union?

  Simply stated, a credit union is much like a bank. You can have a checking account, savings, get a mortgage or an auto loan…all that stuff. Like a bank. But, what makes us different is that credit union’s typically offer lower rates on loans and higher returns on investments. Why? So you can keep […]

Credit Union Terminology

  If you have already used financial products available at banks, then you are familiar with products offered by credit unions. The difference is in the name of these products. Here are a few important ones that you will need to know. Common Bond The commonality of interest (such as employer, association or community) that […]

Credit Union Myths

  If you’re vaguely familiar with credit unions, it may be safe to say that a number of things you’ve heard about them are misleading or simply untrue. Check out the following myths here. Myth #1: Credit unions are a “poor man’s bank”. Aside from being an insult to anyone who utilizes a credit union, […]

Fast Fact

Credit unions are not-for-profit. That means you, as a member, see lower loan rates and better returns on investments. That's not something you'll see at a bank.

Did You Know?

While many institutions backed away from lending due to economic and institutional challenges this past year, credit unions tabulated record loan growth in 2008.

Can I be a Member?

Sure! While some credit unions require their members to belong to a select group, most have opened their membership to anyone residing, working or attending church within their community. That means most anyone can enjoy the benefits of a credit union.